Volunteers are the life blood of GWAS as most of the GWAS projects are run by volunteers. Volunteering with GWAS is a great opportunity to gain experience in the fields of ecological restoration and environmental education and outreach, while getting involved in your community. We are pleased to offer a number of exciting opportunities for people from all backgrounds to gain practical experience. Contact us at gorgewaterway@gmail.com for more information on how you can be involved.

Volunteer Opportunities

Gorge Waterway Nature House Educator

We are searching for outgoing and dedicated volunteers to volunteer at the Gorge Waterway Nature House. This position includes:

  • Enhancing overall visitor experience by providing assistance and information about the local area and numerous displays and activities;
  • Participating in education programs and activities within the park;
  • Leading nature walks, touch tank demonstrations, watershed demonstrations, and other interactive activities;
  • Operating a small concession stand and sales table.

No experience necessary, although interpersonal skills, organizational skills and familiarity with the area are assets! This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the field of environmental education and outreach, while getting involved with you community. Criminal Record Check required.

Time commitment varies but is typically 4-12 hours/month (1-3 shifts). We are aiming to open the Nature House from 11:00am to 4:00pm daily throughout the summer.

References for Volunteers

The Gorge Waterway Action Society is happy to offer personal or employment references to any of our volunteers that have worked 20+ volunteer hours for the society.