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The Diatoms belong to the phylum Bacillariophyta and are often called golden brown algae. At high magnification, chloroplasts, where photosynthesis takes place, can be observed in the cells of diatoms. Diatoms are often identified by the shape of the valve (face) of the diatom. 

Disc-like diatoms are diatoms whose valves exhibit an orientation that radiates from a point and belong to the family’s Coscinodiscus and Melosira all in the class Coscinodiscophyceae.

Rod-like diatoms have a linear valve shape belonging to the class Fragilariophyceae and Boat-like Diatoms are non motile pennate diatoms but possess a slit that allows for movement, belonging to the class Bacillariophyceae.  

Genus Chaetoceros Diatoms, belonging to the disc like diatoms
A boat like diatoms is pictured here (possibly from the genus Navicula)